Stephen Hawking and ALS, did he beat it?

A recent google search on exactly how ALS kills lead me to a Washington Post article (link below) about one of my hero’s, Stephen Hawking, who has, against all odds, lived for decades after being stricken with ALS at age of 21.  

Most people live only two to five years after being diagnosed, Hawking has lived more than five (5) decades.  How?  It appears to have something to due with his relative youth at the time of his diagnosis.  

Ironically, while Hawking’s youth has allowed him to live a much longer life than most people with ALS, his needs for long term physical assistance and medical care have been similarly lenghty.  

For a person without Hawking’s fame who is diagnosed with ALS at an early age, financial ruin due to the accompanying medical expense is a near certainty; that is, if they don’t get themselves qualified for Medicaid.   

This is where my world and Stephen Hawking’s draw a little nearer than I realized prior to reading the article.  While we at Jeffrey P. Reisner, Esq., focus on Elderlaw, Estate Planning, and Asset Protection, the core of our mission is enabling people to protect their assets so they can provide a legacy to their families and avoid financial ruin by diseases like ALS. 

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