Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy


It is our philosophy to help our community by educating people on the most effective and cost efficient ways to protect their families and their businesses and help them implement plans that are designed to grow, protect, and ultimately transfer their assets.  In today’s environment, protecting your assets from creditors and predators is a fundamental aspect of any sound financial or estate planning process.  We put this philosophy into practice using our unique processes along with state of the art technology and resources to provide you with a planning experience unlike any other.  Since our process is rooted in education that is designed to allow you to choose the best solution to meet your unique needs our focus is always on allowing you to grow and preserve what is most important to you, so that you can pass on your values as well as your valuables to those who matter most.  Imagine the peace of mind you’ll have when you no longer have to worry about losing your business or your life savings due to a law suit, disability or long term care crisis.  Can you imagine a better way to protect and provide for your family? 

We pride ourselves on developing deep and lasting relationships with our clients and we want to assist you on your journey toward reaching your goals and objectives throughout your life.  Once you become a client, you become part of our extended family, and we are here to support you and give you confidence in your planning over the years to come.  Whether it be Advanced Asset Protection Planning, Business Succession Planning, or simple Probate Avoidance planning, we are here to help you make sure that your Life and your legacy continue to develop exactly as you intend them to, from the day we begin our relationship.  Whether you live in Onondaga, Cortland, Madison, or Oswego counties, or anywhere else in New York, we are here and excited about the possibility of being of service.  If you are interested in becoming a client, click here.  

We place our focus on getting to know what matters most to YOU, and serving in the way YOU want to be served.  That said, we do love to teach, and enjoy educating you through our fantastic workshops, which are designed to teach you about the fifteen most important concepts involved in estate planning, from YOUR perspective.  Enrolling in our workshop process also allows us to meet one on one, after the workshop, to focus on getting to know you as a person, and developing a thorough understanding of your family, and the the intricacies of your situation. Once we’ve accomplished that, we’ll review any existing plans you may have in place and help you determine if you’re existing plan meets your current goals and objectives.  If it does, terrific, we’re happy to have been able to give you that peace of mind!  If not, we’ll show you the options available to you that we can implement together to meet your goals and objectives.  Once you choose an option we will work together to design a plan to fit your particular situation.  After designing the plan together we will draft it and and deliver your customized plan for your signature.  We will also transfer your real property in accordance with your plan and provide you with a funding table to guide you through the process of transferring your remaining assets and designating beneficiaries, where necessary, to make sure your plan works as intended. 

This is where many firms conclude the representation.  However, we view this as an opportunity to deepen our relationship.  We work closely with Fiduciary Financial service, which is a financial advisory firm founded by Mr. Reisner, and which is an affiliate of the Upstate Financial Network.  By becoming a client of Fiduciary Financial Service and the Upstate Financial Network, you access the power of full funding of your plan.  When we say full funding, we mean professional assistance in getting each asset or beneficiary designation precisely the way you want it so that the plan works exactly as designed, and so that the ultimate administration of your plan works exactly the way you intended, and as efficiently and cost effectively as possible once your family reaches the administration phase of your plan.

We also offer a maintenance program to allow the continued nurturing and growth of our relationship with you and your family.  This way, we stay in touch via annual estate plan review meetings, and you don’t have to worry about receiving bills when you need to call the law office throughout the year; we even provide our maintenance clients’ families with a low fee guarantee on the administration of their plans!  
Thank you for visiting our website, please take your time and absorb the information we’ve provided for you here.  Then, when you’re ready, click the schedule a consultation button, or the workshop button so we can get connected and help you become part of our law firm family!