Medicaid Planning

Medicaid Planning

In today’s world, with the astronomical costs of healthcare spinning out of control, long term care costs can devastate a family’s nest egg very quickly.  Skilled Nursing costs now average well over $10,000 per month, and even a short stay in a nursing home can be financially devastating.  The average stay in a nursing home is approximately 2.8 years, which can lead to $300,000 in fees due to the nursing home. Additionally, spousal and family caregivers who provide care and support for loved ones at home, in an attempt to keep them out of a nursing home, suffer depression and mental illness at a rate of three times (3x) that of the general American population.   

With over seventy percent (70%) of people over age sixty-five (65) requiring some type of long term care during their lifetime, the need for family and asset protection has never been higher. 

You can act now to protect your family, and your assets.  Depending on your situation, you may be best suited by a Proactive Medicaid Plan, or a Crisis Medicaid Plan.  

In the world of Medicaid Planning and Asset Protection, there are two very important questions you need to answer: 1)  How much do you want to protect, and 2) How soon do you want to protect it?  

Contact us today to learn more, and explore your options.  It’s likely NOT too late, but generally, the sooner your act, the more you can protect.