Life and Legacy Planning

Life and Legacy Planning

Life and Legacy Planning is the development of a comprehensive strategy to manage your affairs, your business, your wealth, your care, and eventually the transfer of your assets and your values. In today’s world, where more than seventy percent (70%) of people will need either long term care or skilled nursing care in their senior years, and with the financial devastation that can come along with that care, Life and Legacy Planning is more important than ever before. This is why I like to call the way we approach Financial and Estate Planning “Life and Legacy Planning”. Life Planning is a combination of Financial Planning and the creation of legal documents to allow your affairs to be managed by your loved ones and trusted advisors in the event of a lifetime disability. Life Planning of this nature is one of the most important strategic activities you can undertake; if you don’t, you face potential financial ruin in the event of an unforeseen financial challenge such as a spontaneous lifetime disability occurrence or disabling injury. Additionally, recent studies indicate that the human mortality rate is 100%, so you WILL need need a strategy to transfer your values and your valuables in as easy and efficient a manner as possible, with minimal court and government intervention. The only questions are when, and who are you going to choose to help you develop YOUR strategy and YOUR plan.

You don’t need to be extraordinarily wealthy to take full advantage of life and legacy planning. Life planning is for every one; every husband, wife, mother, father, grandparent, business owner, professional, or retiree. Anyone who is concerned about providing for their own well being, and for the well being of those they love, needs a life plan; along with the legal documents that form the foundation of that life plan.

Similarly, Legacy planning is for anyone who seeks to make a difference in the lives of others after they’re gone. If you’ve read this far, you’re one of those people.

When done properly, life and legacy planning requires an attorney who focuses on this area of the law to lead you through a series of in-depth meetings to uncover your hopes, fears, objectives and expectations for yourself and for those who are most important to you, then craft a plan that will enable you to meet those objectives. The process also requires a financial advisor who goes to those same lengths and who is willing to do the work necessary to make sure the assets they manage are set up to transfer properly through the administration of the plan. This process almost always requires the preparation of several sophisticated legal documents, but those documents themselves are not life and legacy planning. Life and Legacy planning is the entire process, which culminates in a complete and comprehensive strategy that is properly documented and maintained by a professional who has taken the time to get to know you, and who is committed to continuing to serve you,and your family, for generations.

Long story short, we have the knowledge and resources to provide you with state of the art life and legacy planning, and the common sense and practical expertise to create the most economical plan to suit your needs and desires.

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