Jeffrey Reisner

Jeffrey P. Reisner, Esq. 


I am a former Judge, former Assistant District Attorney, and civil litigator. However, in recent years I’ve dedicated the majority of my working life to estate planning, asset protection and elder law, and representation of business owners.  While I still litigate select cases when necessary, and fight hard for my clients, I am happiest when “everybody wins” which is sometimes unattainable in the world of litigation.  However, that result is attainable every time I build a customized life and legacy plan.  The majority of the life and legacy plans I create are designed to protect my clients and their assets, help them avoid probate, or enhance their business transitions, so they can provide legacies for the generations to come.  Prior to focusing on these areas of practice, I witnessed the financial devastation that occurs when people did not properly plan for their businesses and did not protect their assets for their families.  I saw far too many families suffer needless financial devastation because of their loved ones’ failing health and the unavoidable need for long term skilled nursing care.  Even worse, I saw those financial frustrations cause enormous family strife and destroy previously strong family bonds.   

Those tragic occurrences combined to ignite and fuel my passion to help ALL my clients be certain that the plans for their lives and legacies are fully developed; that their plans remain fresh and valid throughout their lives; and that their plans are able to be administered by their loved ones with as little court and government intervention as possible.  A great first step in achieving that outcome is to attend watch my free workshop video right here on this site.  The workshop is designed to teach you what you don’t even know you don’t know about Asset Protection, Elderlaw, and Estate Planning.   

 A native of Olean, New York, I attended the State University of New York College at Buffalo, and obtained my Juris Doctor from the Franklin Pierce Law Center (Now The University of New Hampshire Law School) in 2003.  I now live in Pompey, New York, and I am a Partner in the law firm Taddeo, Shahan & Reisner, LLP.   Additionally, I am a member of the New York State Bar Association, the Onondaga County Bar Association, the Estate Planning Council of Central New York, and the Financial Planning Association of Central New York. I enjoy helping people across the state create estate plans and asset protection plans that enhance their lives and leave magnificent legacies for their families.  When not in the office, I enjoy the life my beautiful wife Theresa and I have created with our three daughters, and we all enjoy live music and many of the outdoor activities central New York has to offer.

I have offices to accommodate clients either in Downtown Syracuse or Manlius New York, and my team has a passion for working collaboratively with interesting and engaging clients to create and deliver highly customized life and legacy plans. We pride ourselves in serving you in the way and at the speed at which you want to be served.  Working this way allows YOU to choose exactly how your plan will work, what will be protected and when, what family members and professionals will be involved and to what extent, and exactly how your plans will ultimately be administered. Indeed, my sole objective is to give you the security and peace of mind that you deserve so you can live your life fully and accomplish all of your dreams.  I am at your service, Contact me today to begin your journey toward peace of mind.