A cure for Sepsis?

Just over 8 weeks ago my father passed away from complications related to sepsis.  Around that same time CHEST (the journal of the American College of Chest Physicians) was publishing a finding relating to a potential cure!  Is it the real deal?  Only time and further study will tell, but there is reason for hope that other families will have more time with their loved ones than they otherwise may have, due to this promising finding.  

According to Dr. Paul Malik, a simple combination of Vitamin C and Steroids he’s been administering to Patients in the ICU at a Virginia hospital has saved the lives of dozens of his patients fighting sepsis over the last year.  The results are eerily similar, patient after patient was knocking on death’s door, but after the administration of this medical cocktail those very same patients beat sepsis and were released from the hospital within days! 

All involved are quick to acknowledge that the research is not widespread nor conclusive.  However, there is certainly cause for optimism here.  

Meanwhile, sepsis remains a high cause of human mortality, and one that many families will battle this year.  Please do your family a huge favor and make sure your planning is in place.  Call us at (315) 422-6666 in the Syracuse, Manlius, or Central New York area. Don’t let your family suffer through the world’s hardest life and death decisions because of a simple failure to plan, call today.
Meanwhile, here’s the full text of an article detailing Dr. Malik’s study on NPR, as well as one reminding us to be cautious in our excitement  https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2017/03/23/521096488/doctor-turns-up-possible-treatment-for-deadly-sepsis ; https://www.healthnewsreview.org/2017/03/vitamin-c-cure-sepsis/

The above photo:  “Hospital Bed” by Jeff Adair is licensed under CC BY 2.0