Life and Legacy Planning

Legacy Planning

I am an attorney and fiduciary financial advisor. My focus is on advising families and small business owners on issues surrounding estate planning, asset protection, wealth management, business operations and business succession. It is my principal goal to be your trusted advisor and lifelong partner in creating and administering a Life and Legacy plan that delivers a lasting and meaningful impact on the lives of your loved ones for generations to come. Whether you you need basic estate planning, investment advice, asset protection or medicaid qualification; counsel on operating or preparing to transition out of your business; or trust or probate administration services; take heart in knowing that when it comes to your wealth, your business, and your legacy, I am here for you with the wisdom I have acquired through over fifteen years of experience in helping families in Syracuse and across New York State, including all of Central, Northern, Western, and Downstate New York, including Onondaga Cortland, Madison, Oswego, Cayuga, Jefferson, Lewis, Cattaraugus and Allegany counties, as well as the Five Boroughs and Long Island. It has been wisely said that peace of mind comes from knowing that you are on course toward your goals and having confidence that you will achieve them. Once you create a Life and Legacy Plan that is designed to allow you to develop, manage, protect, and transition your wealth, your business, and your values, you will experience what wisdom based peace of mind feels like.

Peace of Mind

I like to say that when it comes to Life and Legacy Planning "its always wiser to call Jeff Reisner" because I emphasize bringing the holistic nature of my unique Life and Legacy planning process to the representation of my clients. Through that process I am able to help you across the multiple disciplines in which I have particular expertise, always in a transparent and up front manner, the help you get and stay on course toward your goals and objectives. Before proposing a plan of action, I always seek to educate you on your options and develop a complete understanding of all your complex needs and desires so that I can deliver holistic, not piecemeal representation. If you are looking for an attorney with the heart of a teacher, to help you learn everything you need to know about asset protection, wealth management, business succession, elder law, estate planning, or trust and probate administration; then create and implement a custom Life and Legacy plan to suit your individual needs and situation; all in a manner that follows a process designed to develop and nurture a lifelong and multi-generational representation of your family, you've come to the right place. Give me a call and let me show you how the experiences I create for my clients are different from any attorney you've dealt with in the past. Simply put, it is always wiser to call Jeff Reisner because I use a process that is uniquely designed to educate you so you can make fully informed decisions and achieve the peace of mind that only comes from knowing that you are on course toward your goals and having the confidence that comes from knowing that you've planned for every reasonable contingency, so come what may, your wealth, your business and your legacy will be preserved and protected for those you love.

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Medicaid Crisis Planning

When the time comes when your loved one must enter a nursing home to get the level of care that they need, the situation is dire. There is no telling how long they may need to stay in the nursing home, and if they are not medicaid eligible, the cost of nursing home care will burn through their assets at an alarming rate of approximately $100,000 per year. Couple that with an average nursing home stay of 2.8 years, and unless you have a quarter of a million dollars to spare, you are facing a true life and legacy crisis. We can help you save the assets at risk, but immediate and decisive action is necessary . . .

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